Only By the Grace Of God Instrumental Sounds of St. John Piano Meditations by Mike Killebrew


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Do you find yourself singing along with music while driving? Do you at least hum along with the soft and reverent tune? Do you seek music that allows for quiet thought and reflection? Do you need instrumental music to provide a healthy and holy background in a busy world?


Mike Killebrew, director of music and liturgy for St. John the Baptist Catholic Parish, Newburgh, IN, provides a soft, quiet, reverent, group of musical meditations. These grew from his practice of playing interludes at Communion time, thus providing a space of internal quiet and reflection.


The quality of known works, interspersed with the unknown, give occasion for calling forth words and images of the divine and otherly worldly. The ability of music to cater to the religious soul is found so evidently in these songs. In a world of noise and busyness, these meditations bring quiet and pause to our lives.


Indeed, there is a time and place for everything. This gathering of songs, played instrumentally on piano and/or keyboard, provides food for the spiritual side. We are, thereby, deeply nourished and enriched.


- Rev. Joseph Ziliak, Pastor

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