Adult Faith Formation

Adult Faith Formation programs at St. John the Baptist exist to provide meaningful experiences to the Church community in order to help deepen spiritual experiences, foster growth in the faith, and strengthen the bonds that unite us as a parish family.

It is the mission of St. John the Baptist to energize and engage parishioners to a deeper conversion of faith while being active in the life of the parish so that, being sent at the end of our liturgies, we may:

  • Know the value of the Gospel in our lives
  • Live by Gospel values
  • Possess the right tools to become bearers of the Gospel

St. John the Baptist will accomplish by:

  • Engaging the church community through prayer, singing, lecture, drama, and fellowship
  • Deepening the church community’s faith journey through spirit-filled creativity and discussion
  • Helping the church community to learn the value of diversity and the wealth it brings to the Body of Christ

Therefore, any program we present will aid this mission of love by:

  • Sharing the Gospel
  • Helping others to find Christ
  • Engaging parishioners in a deep or deeper conversion of faith
  • Building a community of faith
  • Fostering a deep appreciation for the diversity in our midst.