Bruté Society & Awards Recipients


Bruté Society  

In 1990, the Office of Stewardship & Development introduced an annual celebration to its menu of activities to promote parish stewardship conversion: The Ceremony of Induction into the Bruté Society of the Catholic Diocese of Evansville.

That year, the charter Bruté Society members numbered 58, and 32 parishes chose to participate. In 2000, the tenth anniversary celebration featured 130 candidates from 56 parishes. As we hoped in 1990, membership in The Bruté Society has become the most prestigious diocesan honor for lay Catholics in southwestern Indiana.

The purpose of the Society is to celebrate parish stewardship heroes, parishioners whose devotion and dedication to their parishes can be simply described as extra-ordinary. Bruté Society members are people who give selflessly of their time, talent and treasure. They know that God is the source of all that they have and, overwhelmed with gratitude, they joyfully return a substantial portion of their God-given gifts to support God's work in their parishes.

Parishes with 500 or more names on their CPC mailing list are eligible to nominate two individuals or couples. All other parishes may nominate one individual or couple.


St. John the Baptist Parish Bruté Society Recipients


1992 Walter Reine, Emily & Jack Thompson
1993 Judy Lopez, Betty & Marcy Loehr
1994 Frank Smith, Margaret & Bill Wallace
1995 Mary Waters, Ken Krasavage
1996 Kathy Tretter, Tom Emge
1997 John Hancock, Joe Hirsch, George & Lynda Provence
1998 Don Simpson, Pat & Paul Martin, Myra & Dave Loehrlein
1999 Damien & Mimi Scheessele, Kenneth Scheessele, Gerri Barnes
2000 Pat Hardesty,Ginny Seibert, Maggie & Katie Hennel (posthumously)
2001 David & Carol Niehaus, Gary & Norma Folz, Steve & Kathy Borkowski
2002 Jerry & Marty Brown, Bob Fuchs, David & Ailene Wells
2003 Martha McGuyer, Mary & Bob McMillen, Janet & Nathan Theiring
2004 Dave Wendholt, Nancy Wedding, Brian Ricci
2005 Mary & Bob Titzer, John & Elaine Morris, Teri Hollander Albin
2006 Philip Bender, Joseph Dickinson, Tom Hardesty, Kathy Hedge
2007 Peter & Jenny Barry, James & Mary Wilsbacher, Imelda Sermersheim
2008 LaVega & Juliene West, Kenneth & Mary Ann Ubelhor, Patrick Fagan
2009 John & Joan Martin, Theresa Koetter, Cris & Laurie Goldbach, Jeffrey & Judith Kropfl
2010 Paul & Phyllis Keller, Chris Rice, Mary Bernardin, Kim & Paul Kasenow
2011 Robert Brown, Evangeline Herr, Bart and Sally Mulzer, Joseph Ream
2012 William Shinn, Margaret Boarman
2014 Mary Gray, Gene Wagner
2015 Carole Daniels, Steve & Karen Hanley, Dennis Seib
2016 James & Linda Shoultz, Lori Boll
2017 Mike Killebrew. Connie Schnapf
2018 Chris & Liz Niehaus, Mike Weissmann (posthumously)
2019 None selected this year per Diocese
2020 Jeff Sickman, Lonny Davis, Janis Garrison, Summer Wright, Eldon Hopkins, Wendel Martin
2021 John Corressell, Don Howard, Pat Krack, Connie Pierce
2022 Paul & Holly Watzlavik and Theresa Thieman
2023 Dave & Lisa Conner, Donna Hurm, Joe & Lisa Kuhn