Bereavement Support Ministry

St. John the Baptist Parish maintains a Bereavement Support Ministry, organized in 1989. The ministry reaches out to those in the parish who have lost a loved one through death. Our hope is that no one has to go through this painful journey alone – that joy can return in time.

Many of our volunteers have been called to this ministry through their own experience of loss; others are very active in the ministry because they have recognized the need for programs to support those who are grieving.

Because the death of a family member or friend confronts us with one of life's most difficult and painful challenges, St. John Bereavement Support Committee offers the following:

• Letters and/or personal follow-up contacts for a one-year period after the death.
• Masses on the Commemoration of All Souls in November of each year to remember in a special way the loved ones who died in the previous year. Names of the deceased are chanted at each of the Masses.
• A Book of Remembrance for people to write the names of their deceased relatives and friends.
• Mass of Holy Innocents on December 28 for deceased infants and children.
• Mass for the bereaved themselves, praying for God's gifts of healing and peace of mind and heart.
• Bereavement material - lending library of books - and tapes for use by those grieving.
• A bereavement meal for those attending the funeral, giving the family an opportunity to gather and share memories. (There is no cost for the bereavement dinner whether we serve 25 or 100. Donations may be offered and are greatly appreciated.)
• Hospital visitations to those who are ill.
• A shrine in the narthex of church, consisting of the obituary of the parish member who died, and a candle to encourage prayers from the entire parish community.
• Support to families when death is imminent.
• A list of support groups where the bereaved can share their experiences with others in a safe place, learn about the process of grief and be supported during a difficult time.
• A funeral preparation booklet to help readers plan the funeral rites of someone they love, and also help those who would like to plan their own funeral as a final gift to their loved ones.
• Annual four-part series on Grief and Loss presented by V.N.A. Hospice.



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