Cemetery & Mausoleum

My Dear Friends in Christ,

I would like to share a few words with you about our faith and our Church and what they teach as we prepare for eternal life.

St. Paul tells us that we do not live and we do not die as our own master. We are responsible to the Lord while we live and when we die. In life and in death, we are the Lord's. That's why Jesus died and rose to life again - that He might be Lord of both the living and the dead.

The richness of these words comes to mind often during the year, and especially on All Souls Day, when we pray for our departed loved ones.These words remind us that in our tradition of faith, it is the right of every Catholic and the preference of the church, to be buried in the sacred and consecrated grounds of a Catholic cemetery thereby sharing the community of faith that we share in life.

For further information on our cemetery and mausoleum continue to view the contents of our web site.

Together let us pray that the souls of the faithful departed will rest in peace.

Rev. Joseph L. Ziliak


Sincerely yours in Christ,

Rev. Claude "Dusty" Burns


Who Can Be Buried in St. John the Baptist Cemetery and Mausoleum?

St. John the Baptist Cemetery and Mausoleum is open to all people of the Catholic faith. Family members who may not be Catholic (e.g. spouses, children, parents, brothers and sisters or any other family member) can be buried in St. John the Baptist Cemetery in order to maintain family unity, even in death. The address of the Mausoleum is 5088 Bell Road Newburgh and the Cemetery is located adjacent to Rose Hill Cemetery at 5133 Old Indiana 261 Newburgh.

Garden of Angels

In 1999, a section of St. John the Baptist Cemetery was dedicated as the Garden of Angels for miscarriages and stillborn babies where parents could visit the grave of their child to remember and bring flowers.


Please call the parish office, (812) 490-1000 for information on fees and location of: Burial Plots, Crypts, and Cremation Niches.

St. John the Baptist Living Legacy Society

The Living Legacy Society of St. John was created to:

  • honor the act of giving to God
  • assure the future potential of St. John
  • serve people in Christ's name and
  • address long-term financial needs

Every year St. John receives meaningful gifts from individuals who have made provisions in their Will, Trust or other Estate Plan to provide for our ministries.

If you would like to give a planned gift in memory of a loved one (minimum of $1,000 to be named as member of the Living Legacy Society), name St. John the Baptist in your Will, or would like to make other provisions to include St. John the Baptist as a beneficiary, please call the parish office, (812) 490-1000 or complete the Printable Membership Information Card. Unless specified, all gifts will be placed in the General Parish Endowment. Click here for more information.

Contact Us

All correspondence with St. John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery and Mausoleum Board should be directed to St. John the Baptist Parish Office as all official records pertaining to the operation and administration are filed at the parish office.


Mail   625 Frame Road,
Newburgh, IN 47630-1604
Phone   (812) 490-1000
Fax   (812) 490-1010
E-Mail   SJB Newburgh

Area Funeral Homes

Area funeral homes operate a 24-hour emergency service.

Alexander Funeral Home, Newburgh Chapel.....(812) 853-0077
Boone Funeral Home, East Chapel.....(812) 473-5300
Bradley Funeral Home, Colonial Chapel.....(812) 897-1459
Browning Funeral Home.....(812) 425-2896
Koehler Funeral Home, Boonville Chapel.....(812) 897-1460
Koehler Funeral Home, Perigo Chapel.....(812) 925-3960
Pierre Funeral Home, Evansville.....(812) 423-6471
Titzer Family Funeral Home, Simpson Chapel.....(812) 853-8314
Ziemer Funeral Home, East Chapel.....(812) 477-1515