Youth Protection

Safe Environment Program Framework for Youth Protection


In 2003, Bishop Gettelfinger authorized implementation of the diocesan Safe Environment Program - Framework for Youth Protection. The program mandates that all individuals who are representative of the Catholic Diocese of Evansville, and who are engaged in ministry to children and young people (including volunteers), must be willing to agree to background checks and educational programs designed to stem abuse against children and young people. To comply with diocesan requirements:

New volunteers

1) Must have a background check, 2) Attend a training session, 3) Read the Best Practices for Pastoral Conduct - and certify with a signature that they have done so

Repeat Volunteers

1) Must re-read the Best Practices for Pastoral Conduct, sign and turn in the form to the parish

Click here for a link to the Diocese of Evansville website for additional information on training dates, Best Practices for Pastoral Conduct and more.