2006 Celebrate The Past Embrace The Future

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 Time has a way of capturing our minds, hearts and emotions. Looking forward is mystery, darkness, the unknown, but the hope. Looking back is clear, bright, focused and transparent. The effort of capturing 140 years is joyful, risky, and helpful.


We do not pretend to record all the details, not even all the most important happenings along the road that leads from some 15 families wanting the presence of God in their midst regularly to nearly 1700 families desiring the same. In song and image, these works portray some of the events that make up that journey. So few remembrances or artifacts are extant from the beginning days when the first St. John the Baptist Catholic Church was dedicated in August of 1866. A gift we can leave for those who follow is a compendium of song and image of today — 2006.


We are dedicating a full year, from August 2006 to August 2007, to touch the lives of our parishioners, and the community of Newburgh in which we live. God has blessed us and will continue to enrich and guide those who today remember and those who will look at us with much more clarity that we envision. May we all be joined in the marvelous fellowship given us by the presence of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. May God be with us always and in all ways.


- Rev. Joseph Ziliak, Pastor

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